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6 tips to make your adventure memorable as a solo backpacker!

picture courtesy : Krutika Garde

Earlier in the '60s and '70s, we saw hippies coming to India as solo travellers and exploring the country more than regular Indians. Average Indians didn't have the luxury to follow their travel passion back then. Today, travelling, in general, has become very easy and going solo is very popular. Technology and cheap airways have allowed us to travel anywhere on this planet with courage. Many Indian youngsters opt for solo backpacking over vacations with a group. Do you know why?Because it is one of the biggest stress busters in today’s time.

Travelling solo is liberating, and backpacking in the wilderness gives you a sense of empowerment. Exploring new land, meeting locals, and eating their cuisine are some of the things which can broaden your perspective about various cultures and people. While Solo travel gives you a sense of freedom without worrying about anyone's dependency on you, it could be a disaster if you don't plan correctly.

So before you plan your exciting solo backpacking adventure, these 6 tips will help you as a guide.

1. Budget Friendly

Before you start planning your adventure, you have to set a budget. It can be for luxury or backpacking, but you have to get your expenses budget friendly and not make a hole in your pocket. Keep some funds aside in case of emergencies in a foreign land.

2. Research well

Pick a destination and pen down for unique experiences. What can you explore or do in that particular place? Try to make local friends, who can help you understand the language if you are stuck or guide you about the culture, food and places.

3. Pack light

The most important thing you do for solo backpacking is to have fewer items and only essentials in your luggage. You don't want to drag heavy bags and sweat away before starting your journey! So pack not more than 5 to 6 pairs of clothes, spare batteries, a power bank, hiking equipments, water bottles, snacks and documents.

picture courtesy : Apoorva Shrikhande

4. Keep your identity proofs protected

Always keep copies of your passport and visa while travelling to a foreign land and check on visa expiration. Organise your documents properly in your digital space. Keep your driver's license, forex cards and vaccination proofs handy.

5. Technology-assisted

It's good to have travel apps on your mobile. These apps will help you travel smoothly. To name a few, Google Maps, a currency converter, Uber for booking Taxis, Google translate etc.

6. Use public transport

The best way to explore any place is on foot or use public transport. Always a cheaper option. Walking has its charm, one can map out the whole city or explore offbeat tracks.

So start planning your solo trip keeping these tips in your mind, click lots of pictures and write your experiences in a travel journal if you can! Have fun!

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